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Naughty America 4K is the world's first 4K porn site and you're invited to join right now :


Naughty America is already one of the most popular porn paysites in the world, with thousands of the most beautiful women in America - from teens to MILFs - starring in the best produced sex movies in the world. Now their porn has gotten even better and even more real. Naughty America is now in Ultra High-Definition 4K. If you have a 4K TV, prepare to welcome hundreds of sexy babes sucking an fucking right into your home...new movies are being filmed in ultra HD 4k every week - subscribe now and start building your 4K tv porn movie collection!

Several leading pornstars have spoken out over their concerns at 4K porn, voicing doubts as to whether their buttholes will look cute in ultra-hd, and also describing how they feel creeped out at the thought that 4K is so real that it almost feels like being in the same bedroom with the girl - for both the girl and the viewer!

“I think it may just be too real. It’s just really creepy and overwhelming, and it would feel like these guys are in my bedroom with me.”....“I wouldn’t want my butthole shown in 4K," says Haze.

Even Tori Black expressed some reservations at the thought of revealing her tight little asshole for the 4K ultra-hd porn cameras :

“My butthole is cute,” she says. “But I would (still) be worried.”

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Naughty America have started shooting all their scenes in 4K Ultra HD, and this scene featuring pretty young blonde Mia Malkova is typical of the amazing action that you can watch on your expensive new 4K tv. Admit it - fapping off to cute nubile girls like Mia being fucked hard in their tight holes in ultra HD is why you bought it in the first place!


Another established porn pay site - Naughty America - has announced that it plans to start shooting in ultra hd 4k soon. Specialising in MILF movies, the website plans to charge subscribers an extra $10 per month to access the 4K porn content. Andreas Hronopoulos, the CEO of the company, admitted that their investment in 4K technology represents a risk that could prove fatal should the ultra-hd format not prove popular with porn viewers.

4K has been likened to looking through a window. Who wouldn't want to take a look through their window if a hot couple were sucking and fucking on the other side?